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10 Survival Skills Your Great-Grandparents Knew (That Most Of Us Have Forgotten)

Having all this technology helps us survive modern times with ease. We rely on gadgets to finish minor tasks without any problem. But, life sometimes takes us back in time, forcing us to do things differently. Modern people are forced to change their lifestyle habits and routines.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, and for most people, the only solution we have is to go back in time. By “going back in time” we mean reviving the survival skills our grandparents used to make life easy.

Sadly, some people don’t even know how to cook their food. Gardening? Not in this world. Yes, we need most of the gadgets available on the market, but we’ve become dangerously dependent on technology. This crisis is trying to teach us a lesson.

Teach yourself and your kids how to grow and cook their own food. Help them learn some of the basic skills, otherwise they will become robot who wait for their food at a local restaurant.

Our grandparents grew and ate real food. They made their own clothes and knew how to light their fire. Their navigational skills were great, and they liked to fish and hunt.

We give you 10 basic skills your grandparents had back in time:

1. Gardening

There are a lot of people who have a tiny backyard garden. But, can you imagine getting all your food from your own garden? Our grandparents did that, and their food was delicious.

In WWII, people had “Victory Gardens” to have enough food during the hard times. They were really smart back then!

2. Cooking from scratch

We buy half-cooked, frozen meals and finish them in the microwave. Does it get any worse than that? Dried pasta, canned food, breadcrumbs, frozen (seasonal!) fruit and vegetables… What have we become? Do you even know how to put together a decent meal?

3. Preserving food

In the past, people had to preserve their food so they could have enough for cold winter months. They smoked their meat, made sausages and canned food in their own distinctive way.

4. No waste!

Half of the food you buy ends up in the trash. Your grandma didn’t do that. They respected food, and used every bit of it. Food was valuable back then. Today, we throw away “ugly” tomatoes.

5. Herbal medicine

Herbs have become really popular lately. We use them to cook delicious meals or relieve an ailment. But, most of us never trusted their granny when she said that mint soothes stomach ache. Well, science backs up your granny’s claim, s you better go you there and plant some fresh herbs in your garden.

6. Navigating

Instead of GPS, our grandparents used maps and asked people in the street for directions. They trusted their instinct and observed the environment for signs and clues.

7. Carpentry

Learn how to repair things at home. Learn how to maintain your home. You don’t need someone to change the bulb for you, right?

8. Mechanical repair

This can save you a lot of money. Learn how to repair your washing machine, lawnmowers, power tools, and pretty much everything you have at home. It’s easy.

9. Bartering

Bartering helped a lot of people survive during the Great Depression. It was quite a skill in the past.

10. Self-entertaining

Your grandparents didn’t have Facebook or YouTube. They knew how to have fun without scrolling down a news feed. Sometimes, they’d play a guitar and dance all night. They entertained themselves and life was beautiful.

Your grandparents were happy and healthy. They had a strong bond with nature and respected every piece of fruit and veggie on their table.

Now is the perfect time to go back in time. go back to basics. Learn a new skill today and make your life easy. What would you do if there was no Internet? No electricity?