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11 Things That Change When You Lose Your Parents

A lot changes when you lose a parent. It’s one of the worst nightmares one gone through. It feels like someone tears bits of your heart.

Parents taught us everything we know in life. They teach us about values and morals. They help us make the right decision and pick the right way. Losing a parent is like losing a limb.

You go through a lot during the grieving process. You lose so many things. Yes, you lose yourself. Things will never be the same again.

11 things that change after the death of a parent

1. You are alone. There’s no one around. This is how you feel most of the time. You lose someone that won’t come back ever again. You are desperately trying to find the way back.

2. Everything seems like a challenge. You go back to the beginning of things. The struggle is unbearable, and you will need a lot of time to go back to your normal life.

3. You miss your parents and everything they represented. They won’t come back, and this thought is killing you. You miss their voice, their humor… They sacrificed a lot for you to succeed in life and you know that.

4. Time is precious. You realized this right after losing a parent. You appreciate every minute you spend with your loved ones.

5. Memories are everywhere around you. Everything reminds you of your parents.

6. You miss their mistakes and flaws. Things weren’t that bad, right? Even their terrible habits feel right at the moment.

7. Family gatherings are empty. Different. Celebrations are no longer the same. Your parents brought you in this world, and now you get to celebrate your birthday or new job without them.

8. You are jealous of others. You are jealous of their parents. Your pain is still here, and it won’t go anywhere. You will just learn how to live with it.

9. Losing a parent pushes you closer to your siblings. They are your biggest support right now. Sadly, some people would rather stay away from their siblings.

10. You get to learn so much about their parents. You learn new things about them. Their secrets. A lot of people will talk about them, sharing details of their past.

11. You start hating people who complain about their parents. Oh, you’d give anything for another fight. You know that they will feel sorry one day.

That’s life. You can’t change that. We come and go. No one stays here forever. Losing a parent will teach you how to appreciate your friends, family and all the people you like. You learn how to appreciate time. Tomorrow is never granted, so make sure you hug the people you love more often.

Learn how to walk alone. You still have one parent left. Spend more time with them. Give them all your love. Talk to someone with similar experience. A person who has been through all that can heal your soul.