30 Amazing Pics That Show The Unseen Side Of Things

It’s always great when someone gives you a different perspective of things. Some things don’t even look the way you think. Have you ever seen what strawberries look like?

Do you know that Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth were the same age?

1. The mysterious heads from Easter Island actually have HUGE bodies.

2. Here are the strawberries.

3. Here’s how the driver in “Baby Driver” drove around.

4. Sperm whales have teeth in the lower jaw. The upper is just lined with sockets.

5. A dead cactus.

6. Different shades of Aurora.

7. Eclipse on our planet.

8. A square starfish with a rare birth defect.

9. The dark side of the moon. Photo by NASA, taken 1 million miles away.

10. Albino raccoons look just like this.

11. Grains of salt under microscope.

12. In 1837, blind people could use these globes. The first of this kind.

13. Baby flamingos aren’t pink.

14. Mineral formations inside agate shells, common on the West Coast.

15. Have you ever seen a glass frog before?

16. A Therapod left its footprint in The Bull Canyon Dinosaur Track Trail, Utah.

17. A 280-pound astronaut’s suit.

18. Tigers’ skin has patterns too.

19. Complex ice crystals in Switzerland.

20. A. Schalck and L.P. Ramsdell, medical students, dissected a nervous system in 1,500 hours. That makes 4 months if they worked 12 hours every day.

21. A net roof covered in snow. The photo was taken in Saint Louis Zoo.

22. A virus from the phages family under microscope.

23. The blood has been drained from this heart.

24. A really big amethyst geode.

25. 8-year-olds get this many microbes on their hands while playing at the playground.

26. Slaves worked in deadly salt mines.

27. Elephant’s tail looks just like this. These gentle giants communicate with it and hush flies away.

28. 335 passengers fit in an empty Boeing 787.

29. Fully-equipped reporters.

30. This is Dún Briste or the Broken Fort in Ireland. It was cut from the mainland in 1293. That’s how 1,000 years look like.