4 Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They Are Guarding Friend Hit By Car

Dog owners are the luckiest people on planet Earth. Wonder why? They have their best friend living in their home! Dogs are our best friends, and they are always here to give us a big smile. Lovely dogs make your sadness go away. That’s why you need to get one.

Dogs have an incredible ability to build an instant connection with humans and other animals. They are the synonym of compassion, love, loyalty and affection.

Dogs grieve, too, especially when they lose their owner or a dog friend. You may find this silly, but that’s absolutely true. Same as you, a dog mourns over the loss of a close friend. They are fluffy clouds packed with emotions.

Experts explain that dogs can exhibit empathy. The loss of a companion changes their behavior, and sometimes these changes are irreversible.

This loss may lead to depression, loss of appetite or even a disease. Grieving dogs sometimes become possessive and dominant.

In this video, a group of dogs grieve in the streets after one of their friend was killed by a coldblooded driver.

The tragic scene was taped in a street in Lanzhou, central China. The dogs didn’t want to leave their friend, and sat on the streets, blocking the traffic.

Drivers were forced to drive around them. The grieving dogs tried to push their pal back on his feet. Sadly, their efforts didn’t bring him back to life.

An eyewitness reveals that the dogs were unable to understand that their friend is dead. Obviously, they tried to wake him up.

Sarah Simmons shared a similar story. Her pony was hit by a car, and his pony friends were standing right by his side. They were mourning over the death of their poor friend.

Losing a friend is such a tragedy, and dogs go through the same horror as you do. These pups made us cry. Have you ever seen anything similar? If yes, feel free to share your story.