7 Things Every Child Needs To Hear

Children are the greatest gift you will ever receive in your life. They are our greatest treasure and challenge. Truth is, parenting is probably the greatest challenge you will ever face. Let’s see things from the other side.

You are someone’s role model. An idol. Your kid will copy everything you do. That’s why you need to give them a good example.

Everything you do in your life affects your child’s emotional development. Yes, I know it gets hard at some point, but parenting is incredibly rewarding and amazing. You are actually helping someone become a good person and independent individuals.

Growing up is hard. It happens so fast. One day you will wake up and your kid will be 30.

What can you do to help your child develop into a healthy and happy individual?

Say the following things more often:

1. I love you

Everyone needs to hear this. Your child needs to know that you love them. Say “I love you” all the time. You will see the great results later in life. Oh yes, your kid needs its “I love you” dose even when it’s an adult. Remember that. Saying this will help you gain your kid’s trust.

2. I’m sorry

Made a mistake? Apologize. This is one of the greatest lessons you will ever provide. Your kid needs to learn that saying “I’m sorry” is really important in life. One has to recognize the mistakes they’ve made. We all make mistakes. You may have said or done something bad. Say “sorry.”

“When we own our wrongs, we teach our kids by example to do the same,” Dr. Sherrie Campbell explains. “This helps develop humility.”

3. I’m proud of you

Your kid may have made a small progress. Tell them that you are proud of that. This will motivate your kid do become a better person. Encourage your kid to unleash its full potential and work harder to get the ultimate reward. Criticism never works.

4. This is your responsibility

Give your kid a lesson, step aside and see what happens next. Review their work later. Give your child a responsibility to help them cope with tasks later in life.

They can water the plant, make their bed or tidy their room. Evaluate their work, and point out to all the mistakes they have done. They need to learn that we all have responsibilities.

5. I’m listening

Your kid needs you to be here and listen to what they have to say. Even kids have “problems.” They may want to talk about something that has happened at school. They may want to talk about something they are proud of. A new drawing or a book they have read. Communication is important. Be there for your kid.

6. You’ve got what it takes

Your kid is more than enough. Tell them that. They have what it takes to conquer every height in this life. Be the wind in their back. Teach them that every failure is a good lesson.

7. I forgive you

Forgive your kid for everything they have done. This doesn’t mean that you should tolerate anything. Lack of discipline will turn your kid into a rude adult. Teach them that being able to forgive someone is one of the greatest powers they will ever have. Don’t forget to say “I love you!”

Remember, yelling and screaming never works. It will have a counter-effect. You may be anxious or angry, but don’t let your kid feel that. Calm your mind, and sit down. Talk to your kid. Step inside your kid’s shoes.

How do they feel right now? Their behavior is an indicator for an underlying problem.

Use fewer words and an affectionate tone. That’s the only way to make your kid understand the point. Don’t repeat the same thing over and over again. Throw in stories from your childhood. You should enjoy the conversation.

Kids need positive attention. It’s all about love, the leading force in this world. Carefully pick the words you are using.