CORRECTION: Lemons And Limes Do Not Keep Bees, Mosquitos, Wasps And Flies Away

We were duped. In an earlier version of this article mistakenly said that you could use lemons and limes to keep bees, mosquitos, wasps, and flies away.

This was not true.

USA Today was able to clear up and verify the science surrounding limes spiked with cloves and what actually repels mosquitoes.

You can read their article in full, called: Fact check: Limes spiked with cloves are not effective in repelling mosquitoes.

We should have known better than to believe that slicing a lime and filling it with cloves could be true.

We’re committed to bringing you only the most accurate and truthful stories from around the world which is why we are issuing this correction. You can read about what we’re doing to make sure that happens here.