Animals Trapped Alive In Keychains Are Selling For $1.50 In China

If you think you’ve already heard the most absurd thing, don’t be so sure! People in China like to keep alive animals in keychains! Talk about animal cruelty!

This latest trend made a lot of people, especially animal rescuers very mad! So, now you can see a turtle, a salamander or a fish, trapped in prison – a plastic bag with crystalized oxygen, a small amount of colored water and other nutrients.

The animals can live like that for three months, and you don’t have to be an expert to know that.

According to Dr. Sam Walton, who was a research lecturer at University Malasya Terengganu, there is enough food and oxygen in the bag. You can buy them for $1.50, and they are usually sold on train stations and subways.

Imagine that – animals packaged as souvenirs! It seems the commercial world doesn’t have any more ideas to make money!

Unfortunately, these tiny animals are eventually killed with ammonia, since the digestion waste and toxic respiration are fatal for them. The animals have to get through the temperature shock, and the way owners shake them around.

Being treated as objects, these animals go through hell. So, they are subjected to a slow death by suffocation.

People are free to set the animal free before it dies, or keep it as a pet; however, not many do that. They let the animals die Animal rights groups are appalled!

So, there was a petition to end this sale, which reached more than a million supporters.

Since the Chinese government protects only wild animals, this is totally legal. According to the director of the NGO Capital Animal Welfare Association, Qin Xiaona: “China only has a Wild Animal Protection Law; if the animals are not wild animals they fall outside the law’s scope.”