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Artist Creates A Mind-Boggling Illusion Of A Sphynx Cat On An Old Gas Tank

All you need is your talent and some paint to create masterpiece. Tom Bridago Blanco from Marseille, France, has been putting smile on people’s faces for quite some time. The 33-year-old French artist made an amazing illusion of huge Sphynx cat on an old gas tank.

Braga last1 has incredible style, and his work will sure make you ask questions. It’s a feast for your eyes.

It’s interesting how the cat painting blended perfectly in the field. It’s like the gas tank didn’t exist anymore. The 3D painting of a cat hiding in the grass looks so real.

Optical illusion is a special kind of magic. Playing with the perspective and the horizon requires a lot of skills. Blanco has that and much more. Artists like him keep learning how to improve their style. They use new techniques to lure your mind into thinking that you are looking at something else.

It’s interesting to note that Blank is a self-taught artist. He’s been doing art since a very young age. To be honest, his work is really impressive. He is really passionate about his drawings, and we can’t wait to see more of his pieces.

“I used this cat because it is my girlfriend’s cat. During this confinement period, I am inspired by what we have around us.” When asked how long it took for him to make this giant cat, he said: “I took about two and a half days to make this fresco.”

Blanco was first customizing T-shirts, sneakers and caps. People started asking for something more complex, so Blanco started making paintings in restaurants, businesses, hotels and theaters.

Aerography is definitely his thing. It’s a technique used to paint on tiles from the Victorian era. It’s also seen in the work of Man ray.

Blanco first started doing it in 2011. He blended the technique in his unique style. For us, it turned out to be surreal. Stencils are no longer a thing now.

Bring out those 3D objects! What’s your opinion on this style? Have you ever seen or tried anything like this before? We definitely love it!