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Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town to Grow Old Together

Best friends are the guys who make your day really bright. Every moment you spend with them is full of joy and happiness. Childhood friendships last forever, but sometimes you split ends with your best friends.

Suddenly, you don’t have any time for your friends because of your new job or the baby that has just arrived in your home. Moving in another city makes everything even worse.

Well, these friends decided to do something about this, and founded a small town. Growing up together was their final goal.

The tiny town

Four couples nourished their friendship for two decades. They didn’t have much time to hang out together, but they wanted to grow old so badly. They invested their money into a small town near the Llano River near Austin, Texas.

Each of the cabins in the Llano Exit Strategy cost $40,000. The design was signed by Matt Garcia, and the construction provides an efficient use of the space that fits the budget owners had.

The slanted roofs make these cabins really cute. They have reflective walls, insulated windows and 5,000-gallon water barrels.

Having a good friend is like a blessing from God, and we give you a few tips on how to strengthen your existing friendships.

1. Be honest

Honesty has to be the main pillar of your friendship. Be honest about the things related to your past, future and the goals you may have.

Don’t say ‘yes’ just to be part of the group. Be honest about your point of view, and always speak your mind to help people understand you better.

2. Make up after an argument

You don’t have to agree with everything your friend says. There’s nothing wrong with having a different point of view or disagreeing with their opinion.

You probably know how your friend acts and thinks, so try not to take any advantage of that. Don’t forget to say ‘sorry’ when you make a mistake, and learn how to forgive those who do you wrong.

3. Grace

May grace be your greatest accessory. Adjust your expectations to lower the pressure in your relationship. Always help others, and pay attention even to those who don’t deserve your good will.

Compassion is of key importance, so try to add more of it into your friendship.

Let’s sum up!

Don’t take your friends for granted. These people would do anything to help you become a better person, so try to respect that. Do them good, and they will give back in the most extraordinary way.

Your best friends will always be by your side to support you and help you make the best decision whenever you need one. They are here to fix your mood or talk about the problems you have at the moment.

Losing a best friend hurts so much, so take a really good care of the people who mean the world to you. Friendship is a precious gift, and try to treat it as such.