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Big Game Hunter Was Killed When Shot Elephant Collapsed On Top Of Him

Theunis Botha is a big game hunter from South Africa. The world will remember him as the hunter who was smashed by an elephant.

The 51-year-old had his first hunt in 1989 as a college student. He earned a lot of money from his tours, and used the money pay for his education.

In 1991, Botha earned his degree in psychology and anthropology. This gave him the perfect chance to start off a big-time hunting program. His wife Carike was here to give him a hand. They founded a hunting farm, and owned private hunting ranches in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa.

Botha has been part of the hunting tour business for almost three decades (28 years). He organized tours for a great number of clients across the world.

The “Monteria hunt” is a European-style hunt, and it was Botha’s specialty. A pack of hounds drive deer and boar, and hunters shoot their prey. Botha also pioneered traditional European Style Driven Monteria hunts in South Africa.

Yes, the business went so well, that Botha was breeding hounds for sale. Theunis Botha Big Game Hound Kennels are big game hounds, and they are popular for the cold trailing ability and tenacity.

One day, Botha was leading a hunting tour at Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe. His group was surprised by a group of breeding elephants, and three of the animals went against the hunters.

Botha tried to shoot them, but a fourth elephant slammed him from the side. The elephant lifted Botha with the trunk, and one of the hunters shot the elephant. Unfortunately, the elephant collapsed over Botha, and he died.

Botha’s body was transported to Hwange Colliery hospital’s mortuary. He was buried in South Africa.

One of his friends, Steve Scott, announced the death on Twitter, and his daughter had an interview for BBC.

The Big Five is the most popular hunting game in Africa. Big-game hunters go after elephants, Cape buffalo, lion, rhinoceros, and leopard.

John Taylor, author of “Big Game and Big Game Rifles” and hunter, the big-game hunting in Africa is referred to the most dangerous hunting game in the continent.

It’s a game packed with adrenalin, but not everyone approves hunting. Let’s not get into this topic. We better leave this for other articles.