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Bus Driver Braids 11-Year-Old Girl’s Hair Every Morning After She Lost Her Mother

Daughters are daddies’ little princesses, but moms are actually the real heroes. They wake up early in the morning to make you breakfast, arrange your clothes, prep your lunch for school and do your hair.

Unfortunately, Patricia Pieri was diagnosed with a rare brain condition when her daughter was a toddler. The mom died in 2018, and her daughter, Isabelle was 9 years at the time.

Being raised without a mom is such a terrible thing. Girls are used to have their moms do their hair, and Isabelle was left without her greatest support and best friend. She struggled a lot to braid her hair for school.

Her father, Phillip works overtime at a convenience store in American Fork, Utah. He is trying really hard to make sure that the girl doesn’t miss anything. Well, she misses her mom.

Phillip tried to do Isabella’s hair, but he lacked her mom’s skills. He pulled her hair badly, and Isabella didn’t like his braids. Well, nothing can replace a mother’s braid, right? There was nothing he could do about it, and Isabella had a haircut. The hair grew back, and Isabella used to tie it in a ponytail.

One day, her hair looked different. It was beautiful. So, what happened?

One morning, Isabella saw Tracy Dean braiding her classmate’s hair. Dean is a 47-year-old bus driver for the Alpine School District. The girl wanted a cool braid, too. So, she went to the bus driver, and asked her politely if she can braid her hair, too.

This became part of their morning routine. Two French braids are Isabelle’s favorite, but she also likes a single braid.

Dean taught the girl how to brush her hair, and Isabelle always asks the bus driver if her hair looks good. This great woman is a mom of four, and one of her children is at the same age as Isabelle.

Braiding the little girl’s hair is something Dean does gladly. Her parents taught her to treat everyone with respect, and she is nice with every children she meets, including the “bad” ones.

Phillip is so grateful for Dean’s help. His daughter is happy, and that’s the only thing that matters in this world.

Life wasn’t always fair for Dean. She was diagnosed with cancer, and this gave her a really important lesson. What if Isabella was her kid? That’s why she agreed to do her hair every morning.

Isabella feels as if Dean is her mom, and she is always excited to have her hair done. Every morning brings a new surprise for the little girl. Dean is the reason she smiles again.