Cat Sanctuary Seeks Caretaker To Live On A Beautiful Greek Island With 55 Cats

Do you like cats? If yes, congratulations, your dream job exists.

God’s Little People Cat Sanctuary on the Greek island of Syros put the Internet on fire. They are looking for a caretaker who would feed and pamper the 55 rescue cats. Thanks to Joan Bowell and her husband, these cuties have a chance for a better life.

No, this is not a joke, and Bowell is pretty serious about this ad. She’s been taking care of cats for so long, and she needs some help, preferably from a mature and passionate person who is willing to spend their day surrounded with cats.

The cats on this island need to be fed, and some of them have special needs. The cat lover will be given a house with a view. The garden overlooks the Aegean Sea, and the salary is great, too.

You will have to have a driver’s license, because cats are naughty and you may need to take them to the vet. The island is peaceful, and it’s the place to be, especially if you love nature and cats.

Over 35,000 applications were sent to the cat sanctuary. American Jeffyne Telson got the job. She comes from California and enjoys long winters in Oregon.

Jeffyne owns RESQCATS, and she knows how to take care of cats. She was the best candidate for the job. Taking care of cats? Of course. Jeffyne didn’t want to leave Mitch and the animals, but he was fine with her new job. He even encouraged her to apply for it.

Bowell and Jeffyne met in Santa Barbara. The deal was sealed, and decided to donate her salary to the cats. She accepted this job just to help her little friends. Yes, the view is a bonus, but those cats need help, too.

About 22,000 locals and 13,000 stray cats share this island. Jeffyne arrived after a few weeks. During her time on the island, Jeffyne took care of the cats, and found a new home for most of them.

There were a lot of problems, too. Some of the cats suffered a lot, and she had to be strong to help them in the best way possible. It was a challenging job, but she made it.

Helping others is the best thing in the world, and Jeffyne took care of her vulnerable friends.

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