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Cell Phone Data Reveals Which Americans Are Staying At Home And Which Ones Aren’t

About 1.5 million people tested positive for COVID-19, and government have put entire countries in lockdown. Sadly, not everyone is willing to follow the guidelines, and there are still people who go outside even when police officers patrol down their neighborhood.

Respecting these guidelines is of utmost importance at the moment. Experts are trying to flatten the curve and save our lives. A Norwegian company decided to give them a hand in the process.

Unacast analyzes GPS data to support numerous projects. They have developed a Social Distancing Scoreboard to unveil which countries don’t follow the guidelines.

Social distancing means staying at home and keeping a six-feet distance from others when outside. Do you follow these orders?

Unacast has found that the movability of US citizens is 40% lower than their traveling in February.

The company created a map to compare the current data of some locations and data from a particular day before the announcement of the pandemic. States colored in green follow the orders while “orange states” ignore the guidelines.

It’s an interactive map that assigns a letter grade to countries. “A” stands for a 40% drop in social behavior. “F” stands for a 10% decrease (or lower) in social behavior.

“This is a pro bono initiative,” Jeanne Meyer, a spokesperson for Unacast explains. “They have 25 data scientists that took five years’ work and spent four days cooking this thing up to help with what’s happening.”

She adds that this map can help us draw a big conclusion, adding that “the value with this will come over time.”

“We see that many states and counties have had a significant drop in mobility and distance traveled over the last week,” Thomas Walle, CEO of Unacast, explains. “We are facing very uncertain times and what’s important in uncertain times is to have access to some data to make the best decisions possible.”

According to this data, Alaska, Nevada, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Washington DC showed best results at social distancing. People in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico and Oregon will have to work on their social distancing.

The company promised to update their data once they get more information.

Green-colored states drive or commute less in this period. There was no change in orange-colored countries.

Experts have yet to find a vaccine for coronavirus, and the only thing we can do at the moment is prevents its further spread. Staying home can save your life. Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly!

Following the guidelines will help our healthcare system cope with the virus and the number of infected individuals. Follow the guidelines to remain under the system’s capacity and help patients get the treatment they need.

If the number of positive individuals jumps high, hospitals won’t have the capacity to admit every patient.