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Clever Little Hummingbird Builds A Home With A Roof

Nature is full of brilliant species in different sizes and shapes. Animals may be simple, but truth is, they can teach us so many important lessons. Momma birds are the best teachers, that’s a sure bet.

Have you ever seen a hummingbird? It’s one of the smallest and smartest birds you will ever see. One of these cute little fellas makes the best headlines these days. This little fella made a nest under a broadleaf. The momma wanted to protect her babies and the leaf offered the perfect protection.

Bianca Caroline Soares is conservationist. She spotted the hummingbird at a Paraguayan nature reserve. Bianca has seen so many nests in the jungle near her house. However, this nest was special. There was something about its construction, and the leafy roof was the perfect detail.

According to Bianca, this was the most ingenious nest she saw that day. Bianca saw five different nests that day, and this one was special. She was the first to see the new chicks after a few weeks.

There were two of them, perfectly protected from the bad weather. Once they are strong enough, the chicks will fly away and build nests with their own families.

Bianca shared the photos to her Instagram account and wanted to inspire others to take better care of the planet. We only have one, remember?

“To date, my favorite photograph. Too much cuteness in one photo.”

There are 338 species of hummingbirds, spread all around the world. Hummingbirds are important for the biosystem and they play a major role in the pollination of our essential crops.

Some species can fly up to 4,000 meters high, and they can easily reach plants that most birds can’t even get any near.

Sadly, hummingbirds are really small, and their size makes them a perfect target for predators. Some species are added to the list of endangered species.

How to protect hummingbirds?

  • Set up a feeder in a shaded area to supplement nectar for the little birds. Hang a clean bowl or bottle full of sugary solution. Keep the feeder away from your window. Reflections may scare the birds away.
  • Cats can easily catch hummingbirds. Keep your cat away from the feeder or any spot these birds go to.
  • Hummingbirds are sensitive to chemicals. Avoid using insecticides near the feeder.
  • Join hummingbird organizations to support their efforts.