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Dad Built His Rescue Dog With Trust Issues A Tiny House In The Living Room To Get ‘Alone Time’

Are you lonely? Do you have too much free time? Well, now is the perfect time to adopt a dog. Adopt don’t shop, remember? Adopting a stray is one of the greatest things you can do these days. You get a pet and a friend at the same time. Save an animal and open the door of your home to a cutie.

The process of adoption goes through several stages, and you get to face a lot of challenges.

The puppy may deal with anxiety, aggression or fear. It may take a lot of time for the new pet to adjust to your environment. You need to gain the dog’s trust first.

Sean Farrell from Birmingham knows it best. Sean adopted a 9-year-old dog. Buster was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The poor dog had a history of abuse, and it made things really difficult. Sean was determined to gain Buster’s trust, and he wanted to do the best for his new pet.

The first thing he did was build a new house for Buster.

Sean’s initial plan was to foster Buster and keep him only until they find a home for the dog. As time went by, Sean built a strong relationship with Buster. He wanted to keep him forever.

Buster’s last experience with owners wasn’t really pleasant. Authorities had to take Buster away from the owners.

Sean was well aware of the fact that Buster was afraid. What did he do next? He was eating with him and even took him for walks. They spent a lot of time together. Nothing changed, and Buster was really afraid. He couldn’t sleep well and be shaking all the time. Building a home was a perfect idea.

“As it was in my own living room, I wanted it to blend in and look part of the room,” Sean explained. “I had no real plan, I just bought some wood and plyboard, and just did it as I went along due to its enormous success with over 20 million views on Facebook.

‘Imagine being a monkey’ on the front is the first line from a lullaby I sing to him when he has bad dreams. A lot of the cosmetic finishes, like the TV and shelf and mood lighting, were really just a bit of fun, but the cooling fan works really well. It’s all battery run, so no electrics are in there. The items were just lying around the house.”

Buster’s home had a window with a view to the living room. The dog had a fan and a bed, and the house was well decorated and full of toys. “Imagine being a monkey,” read the sign at the front door.

Sean’s plan worked. Today, Buster is a happy dog. He is also a therapy dog. He goes into homes and clinics to spend time with people with autism and anxiety.

If you plan to adopt a dog, think of all the potential scenarios. Dogs are normal dogs, but they may be scared at first. Give them some time, and be patient. Your best friend needs some help.

You shouldn’t keep your dog in the same room with the kids. The dog needs to be comfortable in your home first. After the initial phase, you can pet them as much as you want.

Go to your local shelter, and pick an animal that needs your love and attention.