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Dear God

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

There are two types of people. Some say the glass is half full, and the rest believe it’s half empty. Well, a new type emerged recently, and those people say the glass is refillable. But, we’d leave that topic for another article.

Life is hard, messy and challenging. Things get really rough at some point. However, pessimism won’t take you anywhere. Being a pessimist will never help you find a solution or solve a problem.

Why do some people cling on their pessimism? It brings nothing but anxiety, stress, disappointment and depression. Are you even aware of your pessimism? You may not perceive yourself as a negative person, but you may be toxic for others.

Here’s how to tell if you have become a pessimist, and we have also provided a few tips on how to change that.

– Pessimists are convinced that other people don’t deserve their attention and tend to become selfish overtime. How to change that? Do small act of kindness and you will be able to get rid of your negativity. It won’t go away immediately, but you will start feeling better.

– A pessimist “predicts” the worst scenario in every situation. Try to hope for the best and you will be surprised by the outcome. Things may turn better next time.

– You suspect everything around you. Talk to people and share your opinion. Give them a chance to explain their attitude and then draw a conclusion. It’s that easy.

– Pessimists downplay their success, claiming it’s nothing but luck or good karma. But, they should definitely be grateful for everything you’ve achieved in life. You have done so much, and yes, you’ve learned so much.

– Pessimists give up easily. They are afraid of failure. Don’t be afraid of the small steps you make. Every failure is a lesson.

– They are jealous. Pessimist spend too much time processing the life of others. Sadly, they don’t really pay much attention to their own life. Think of ways that will help you improve your life.

– Pessimists rarely forgive and only remember “the bad stuff.” Stop holding on resentment and anger. That bitterness won’t take you anywhere. It will only drain your energy. Change your perspective, and you will start seeing things differently.

Life coach and author Kali Rogers has an explanation for this. According to Rogers, we pick up vibes both consciously and unconsciously. Once you become aware of this, you will be able to ward off negativity and select “carefully” who you associate with.

“Being an optimist isn’t about ignoring all the terrible things that are happening around us — it’s learning not to focus on them,” Rogers explains.

“Optimists can still recognize that terrible things happen and they can still mourn and fret and become angry over them. But they don’t let the negativity consume them. They try to aim their attention on solutions and silver linings.”