Dog Discovers Abandoned Kitten In Rain During Potty Break And Guides Her To Her Home For Shelter

Dogs are amazing in every meaning of the word. We have heard so many stories about therapy dogs and the people they saved. Some dogs are trained to sniff bombs. Well, there are also pets and they are equally important in society. Do you know that animals can save other animals’ lives?

Hazel is living proof of that. The fluffy Yorkie-Chihuahua-poodle mix enjoys life in Abilene, Texas, and she is the most compassionate dog you will ever meet.

Hazel is just 3 and she can do more things than you can ever imagine and her owner, Monica Burks is really proud of her.

Hazel was out on her potty break, and it took long for her to come back. Well, the pup heard a crying kitten, and the poor baby was alone in the street.

It was raining outside, and Hazel didn’t want to let her new friend alone outside. She accompanied the kitty to Monica’s house.

The baby didn’t want to come at first, but Hazel didn’t want to leave it outside. She encouraged her new friend to follow her to the house. The caring pup was checking if the kitty was following her all the time.

Monica was shocked. It was a pleasant surprise and she had to take a video. “There must be something called pure love,” Monica said. “I saw Hazel’s maternal instincts come to light.”

The little guest was unable to climb on the last step, and Hazel rushed to help her.

Monica’s brother, Michael, adopted the cat. Ladies and gents, we give you – Sheba! Hazel and Sheba spend a lot of time together, and they are best friends!

This is the most inspirational story, and it makes us go outside and take care of someone. There are so many strays, and they all need our help.