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Drive-in Movie Theaters Could Make Massive Comeback As Crisis Shuts Cinemas Worldwide

COVID-19 changed the world completely. Things will never be the same again. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and thousands of people have died so far. The number of infected individuals is on the rise, and authorities are doing their best to put the virus under control. We don’t even have a social life. Social distancing is one of the few things that can protect us right now.

When it comes to our social life, we would love to go to the movies. We also miss our nights out. Dinner with friends? Shopping? We miss that and pretty much everything else we used to do when things were “normal.”

Do you know that over 40,000 big screens are closed indefinitely? Many of the theaters may close down for good. The situation doesn’t look good at all.

Is this the real time to bring drive-in theaters back? These were quite a thing in the 1960s.

We have to stay away from other people, so drive-in theaters may seem like a good idea right now. At the moment, there are 25 drive-in theaters that are open. Ticket sales are “steady but not spectacular” because there aren’t any premiers and people would love to watch new movies.

People in South Korea and Germany have the luck to enjoy old-school drive-ins. Every screening in open-air theater Autokino Essen is sold out.

According to Frank Peciak, manager of Autokino Essen, people don’t even pay attention to the program. They just want to get out and watch something.

The drive-in theater in Cologne is booked. Just 250 cars can fit in the 1,000-capacity lot. A gloved employee scans the tickets through a closed window.

There are many pop-up drive-ins in the world. D.Live set up a pop-up drive-in in the parking lot of the Dusseldorf Trade Fair. This is one of the many pop-up drive ins at the moment.

“Whatever the state wants us to do, we’re willing to do,” New York-based Warwick Drive-In owner Beth Wilson said. “We want people to enjoy going out, but in a safe environment. If you’re in your car with an average family — two parents in the front seat and two kids in the back — you’re sitting in a car with people you’re within the house. It’s a little outing.”

Thomas, the Showboat Drive-In Theater owner in Texas said the viability of the drive-in business will jump high “because people will have fears of gathering in public”, adding that “people will come because they want that sense of normalcy.”

“The desire for people to somehow recapture the singular, irreplicable, communal big-screen movie theater experience in any way they can is a testament to how important the moviegoing experience is,” senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian of Comscore said. “Particularly during these obviously trying and unprecedented times.”

Would you enjoy this adventure? We know someone who would.