Ethereal Portraits Highlight The Unique Beauty Of A Girl With Albinism And Heterochromia

There are so many unique beauties, and that’s what makes us special. There is something great in diversities, but not many people would accept their differences.

Amina Arsakova is a Chechen photographer. She first spotted a photo of an 11-year-old girl, Amina Ependieva, in the mall. It was an eye-opening moment for her. The girl had albinism and heterochromia.

Albinism is a genetic condition in people whose bodies are unable to produce enough melanin. They have pale hair, skin and eyes.

Heterochromia is a pigmentation disorder, and it affects the eyes. The disorder can be partial, central and complete. Children affected by this disorder don’t have any vision issues.

Ependieva comes from Grozny, Chechnya, Russia, on December 11, 2008. The cute girl has white hair, pale skin and differently colored eyes.


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According to some people, she comes from Kurchaloy, Chechnya. Arsakova was impressed with her beauty, and scheduled a photoshoot with the cute girl. She had hard time finding a contact, and then found a number of her mother.


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The talented photographer described the gorgeous girl as “a very nice and calm girl” who was calm and sweet.


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Мои поиски прекрасного в очередной раз увенчались успехом 💔

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In January 2020, Arsakova shared the photos on her Instagram profile. She told everyone that her “search for the beauty has once again succeeded.”

The cute girl doesn’t have an account, but her photos have become viral. People really love her, and she is a symbol of beauty and diversity.

Arsakova had the chance to work with the cute girl, and they may work together in the near future.