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Goodbye Nursing Homes! The New Trend Is CoHousing With Friends

Nursing homes is the only option for retired seniors who have no one by their side. These facilities are viewed as lonely places where elderly die alone and sick. Well, this led to a completely different idea that works for pretty much everyone.

Have you ever heard of senior cohousing?

This project gives elderly the privacy they need. They have their own private place, but also share a dining area, library, cinema, fitness center, garden and other facilities with their retired friends.

It’s a perfect way of improving someone’s life and give them the company they need. The project provides multiple benefits, and it’s one of the best programs for senior care.

Communicating with their friends and family prolongs the life of the “residents” in this community.

The Canadian Cohousing Network claims that seniors who choose this option live at least a decade longer than they would live in a regular nursing home.

One of the best facts about this project is that it’s affordable for seniors. Sharing resources helps them save a lot of money, because the group pays for community meals. It’s less expensive than buying groceries for a single person.

Residents share the costs for the maintenance of their yard, garden, pool, library and fitness center.

If you compare nursing homes to senior housing, you’d get to the pros and cons of both programs.

– Nursing homes and facilities are safer than having elderly live all by themselves. However, staffers in nursing homes are more attentive and have more experience than other seniors in cohousing community.

– Both options offer fun activities and events, but in senior cohousing seniors always have their friends nearby.

– Both programs offer residents a private space, but seniors in the community have their own apartments and houses.

– Nursing homes are full-time facilities maintained by well-trained staff. Living in a nursing home is more expensive than sharing a cohousing community. In senior cohousing, residents share their resources.

Senior cohousing is an acceptable idea for many seniors, especially those who hate the loneliness in nursing homes and don’t need medical care.

Seniors and their families get to make the final decision.