Grandma’s Pool Cleaning Hack Works Perfect and Goes Viral!

Who doesn’t enjoy the nice summer weather? Many of us dream of how wonderful it would be to spend the hot summer days near a pool, drinking cocktails and relaxing. It has crossed your mind, hasn’t it?

However, seeing the pool water covered in leaves, bugs and debris isn’t appealing at all.

So having a pool is not easy, because nobody thinks of the fact that you actually have to clean that pool, and that doesn’t only mean cleaning the sides and using chlorine. So, it’s much more than taking a refreshing dip it in.

That’s why we offer you a trick that is shown to have helped in this matter. It will make the process of cleaning your pool more thorough, quicker and easier.

The 49-year-old Lisa Pack found a great way to deal with this, and decided to share her experience.

She loved spending time at her pool with her grandchildren, but she used to face many difficulties cleaning the pool. She would clean it, but something was always missing and she wasn’t completely satisfied, so her daughter Whitney was determined to help her.

Whitney found some information on facebook and decided to suggest her mother to try it out.

We are all familiar with the Mr. Clean magic eraser (sponge), which is extremely helpful in our homes, getting rid of all the dirt. So the good news is that it’s also effective in cleaning the swimming pool.

Lisa and Whitney bought the Mr. Clean magic eraser and put it in the pool skimmer bucket each time the pool got a little dirtier.

The results of this miraculous trick were great, and after posting this on facebook, they have helped a lot of other people facing the same problem.

Not only does it help, but it’s also a cheap way to take care of your pool.

Some other ways to keep your pool clean:

  • Put pantyhose around your skimmer to collect bugs or leaves
  • Vinegar and lime juice eliminate stains
  • Citronella candles get rid of bees and wasps
  • Diatomaceous earth also keeps your sand filters clean
  • Baking soda keeps an alkaline water environment
  • A tennis ball can pick up oil from the water
  • Lemongrass plants keep bugs away