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Heart-Breaking Moment, A Grieving Horse Smells Late Owner’s Casket And Emotionally Breaks Down

We are all familiar with the special bond between people and dogs. Well, that kind of bond exists between people and horses, too. This story proves that.

In the past, horses were used for transportation mostly, and now – they are used for racing. But many people enjoy the company of horses. They are very sensitive, and they have use a particular way of communicating with their owners. It is a communication through touch, physical movement and emotions.

Robin Foster, a certified equine behaviorist, states that people can build a great relationship with horses, which relies on reciprocal altruism. And, according to a horse trainer, Allan Hamilton, we communicate with horses non-verbally, in silence.

Such a horse lover was Wagner Lima, who was a 34-year-old cowboy from Paraguay. He absolutely loved his dog Sereno, with whom he had worked together in rodeos. They had enjoyed each other’s company for 8 years before Wagner died in a motorcycle accident, on New Year’s Day in 2017. Wagner went to surgery, but unfortunately, didn’t survive it.

The horse was devastated. Sereno was even brought to Wagner’s funeral, which was in Cajazeiras, Brazil. That’s when the heartbreaking moment happened.

As soon as reality hit Sereno, and he realized his owner wouldn’t come back anymore, first, he made sad noises, then he smelled the coffin, and then he laid his head on it. It was a clear sign of mourning. Everyone was speechless, and left in tears.

Sereno’s world fell apart, and he lost his best friend. So, we can understand the grief he was feeling.

Serano is now kept by Wagner’s brother, Wando, since he had made a promise to take care of him before Wagner died.  Wando says: ”He had a passion and a great love for him. Sometimes he would even stop buying things for himself to make sure he could afford to buy horse feed.”