Here is Why Your Older Sister Is Probably The Most Important Person In Your Life

There’s nothing better than having a sister. It’s like having a best friend for life. Sisters share a bond that nothing can break.

She’s here when you are happy, and she’s here when you are sad; her love is unconditional. You can share everything with her without fearing she will betray you. The longest relationship you’ll have with someone in your life will probably be with your sister.

According to expert opinion, sibling affection has a crucial role in the emotional development of a child.

Why is it good to have an older sister?

  • She knows you best. She can interpret every facial expression you make, and she can sense when you have problems, without you having to tell her. She’s been thorough some of the same problems, so she can help you best. You don’t ever have to pretend in front of her!
  • Since she’s been through the same things before you, you can also get the best advice from her. You friends will still be your friends, but they are usually your age, so they don’t have the same experience as your older sister.
  • Need a reality check? Talk to your older sister. She is your best critic. She will always be honest with you, and tell you things no one else has the courage to. She’s both your second mom and your best friend. While your friends will politely say what you want to hear, your sister will be ‘brutally’ honest with you.
  • When you can’t seem to explain to your parents the funny thing that happened on the newest apps, or who posted what, and what’s TikTok or Instagram, your sister is always here to laugh it out with you.
  • Older sisters help you follow your dreams and help you make them come true. They are supportive, even when no one is. They are always by your side, and believe in you more than you believe in yourself.
  • You have the same genes. Acne problems? Go to your sister for help, she knows what you should to.
  • You can borrow her clothes. Next time you feel as if you have nothing to wear, just reach out in her closet and find her old clothes J
  • Fighting is a normal part of sisterhood. However, the bond which is created lasts for a lifetime.
  • She’s the one who’s always been there, and the best thing is – she’s not going anywhere! All of your childhood stories include her. And isn’t it great now, when you are sitting on your couch drinking wine, and remembering all of the fun stories you have together? J
  • She’s the reason why your parents were not so strict with you. They’ve already been parents before having you, so they’ve been harder on her.
  • Having an older sister even lower the chance of you getting a divorce. Yes, you heard it right J An Ohio State University study showed that having a sister makes you more mature and less selfish person.
  • Your older sister loves you with all her heart, and she always has your back. She is overprotective and she will kick whoever makes you unhappy. She should be the first person you think of when things get rough.
  • Whenever you feel alone, or lose friends one by one, know you always have your sister!

So, lucky you if you have an older sister! Share this to show her she means the world to you!