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Homeless Man Becomes Millionaire By Building Beaches In People’s Backyards

There’s a plan for us all, and let’s just say that some people have more luck than others. Some of us get the chance to live their dreams, and it’s amazing. Eric White is living proof of this, and his story will give you the motivation you need to pursue your dreams. It’s time to believe in yourself and change your life completely.

The Louisiana man didn’t have the best life. Eric dropped out of school in ninth grade and teachers confirmed his second-grade reading ability.

The 33-year-old man remembers that “growing up, things weren’t easy,” adding that he “could hardly even spell (his) name.” We know a lot of people who share the same destiny.

Eric was a homeless 15-year-old. He was living in the streets for 8 months. He was young and skilled. One day, he came up with an excellent idea. He was good in construction, and he really believed in his dreams. Yes, Eric knew he “could really do something with it.”

What did he do next? He got a job at a local construction company. The young man had bills to pay and daughter to feed. His life changed after getting a job at a Baton Rouge-based company.

The employer “took him under his wing” and helped him learn everything he needed to know. In 6 months, Eric was leading the team.

Eric tried to make more money, and he got a job at a car dealership. Well, it wasn’t his thing. He agreed to a deal with another company and they offered him so much money. Things went really well for Eric, and he had enough money to start off his own business. Cool Pools were a real thing.

Eric’s company had huge success, and he sold it for over one million dollars.

What’s next on his list? Eric was living his dream. The crafty man founded Zydeco Construction in South Louisiana, and they are making “swimming ponds” with turquoise blue water. There’s pearly white sand, too. If you want to get one of these, you need about $20,000.

“It’s something that for years I would think to myself, ‘What if someone could figure out a way to turn a pond into a paradise?’ I wanted to provide this service and wanted to be the first to do so,” Eric explained. “I did as much research as I could and applied it to building these ponds.”

His company offers a wide range of services. They create in-ground trampolines, patios, decks, concrete driveways, customizable outdoor kitchens, and drainage solutions for floods.

Eric adds that his ponds are “customized for that area and for the customer.” According to him, they are actually “true labor of love.”

His designs are unique, and his clients are more than satisfied with the final result.

Would you turn your backyard into an oasis?

“At Zydeco Construction LLC, we know that you’re not just hiring a contractor for your project – you’re also investing your trust and hard-earned money to a partner who will get your work done,” the company’s website reads.

Living your dream is a cool thing, and we really hope that Eric will motivate all the hard-working people out there. He knew what he wanted to do with his life. Do you have a plan?

“It has always been a dream of mine to do these different things. I am all about figuring out a way to make things happen,” Eric explained. “I can look at any situation and come up with a way to fix it. I like to stay in the market for things that most companies don’t offer, especially custom backyard landscaping ideas.”

Sit down and think about it. What would you rather do right now? Are you stuck with an office job you don’t like? Stop doing that to yourself. It’s never too late, you know.