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I Love You All

Relationships get really tense at some point, and sometimes it’s impossible to handle the pressure they bring. It’s hard to understand all the people in your home, at work and your closest surroundings.

Toxic family members are hard to deal with, but we are somehow forced to live with them. You can’t just cut your mom off your life, right?

Your family gives you support. It gives you a feeling of safety and shelter. You can always go back to your old place. It’s your comfort zone. But, you need a strong coping mechanism to “survive” the hard times.

Dysfunctional relatives can give you a nasty headache. Instead of trying to open their eyes and change them, you should work on yourself and your attitude towards them.

We will give you a few tips on how to cope with silent treatments, constant fights and grudges.

1. Prepare yourself before each call and visit. Dysfunctional family members can be stubborn and difficult to understand. Calm your spirits, and pick an attitude. Stick with it throughout the entire conversation. Always have a plan!

2. Never ever change yourself to please others. Get used to saying “no.”

3. Don’t accuse them. Just explain your point of view and the things that bother you.

4. Always be polite. Keep your tone low and focus on the positive things. Try to enjoy the conversation, and help the other person feel comfortable. Don’t say too much. Don’t give the other person a reason to accuse you of something. Keep the conversations shallow and talk about general things. Just be polite. That’s all.

5. If you don’t like talking to that person, avoid them. Or if the current conversation takes a different direction, leave before it turns into something worse. That person’s negativity can spoil your day. Don’t try to beat a negative person.

They have too much negativity inside their mind. No one can beat that. The only thing you will be left with is a negative mind. Be patient and try to solve the problem. If it doesn’t work, leave.

6. Even dysfunctional people have positive traits. Focus on that. Your conversations will be much better that way.