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If You Are Easily Annoyed By Others Chewing, You May Be A Genius

Nowadays, everyone seems casual and cool; however, there are certain etiquettes that we need to respect.

One of them is eating with our mouth closed. When someone next to you chews their food loudly, it drives you crazy, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry and don’t be ashamed, since that only shows you’re a genius!

Science explains why we are bothered with this kind of behavior – the condition is diagnosable and called Misophonia. It develops in 20% of the people. People with this condition are sensitive to certain noises.

Northwestern University, Illinois, conducted a study – 100 people were observed on how they can solve certain problems in a limited amount of time, which proved that people sensitive to sounds are much more creative than those who don’t pay attention to the sounds. So, the more sounds bother you, the more creative you are. The journal Neuropsychologia published these results.

The lead researcher, Darya Zabelina, says: “The propensity to filter out ‘irrelevant’ sensory information… happens early and involuntarily in brain processing and may help people integrate ideas that are outside the focus of attention, leading to creativity in the real world.”

People who have Misophonia can concentrate on many different things at the same time, and they can come up with a solution better than others.

Many “great minds”, such as Marcel Proust, Anton Chekhov, or Charles Darwin, disliked strong noises as well, which again proves the point.

So, next time you find yourself sitting next to a slurper, tap yourself on the shoulder, since you are probably smarter than him 🙂