Life Finds A Way: Pictures After The Australian Bushfires

We have hurt nature in so many ways. We take it for granted. Many people in this world only care about their life. It’s like, they go outside and pluck every beautiful flower on their way. Why? Why don’t they let flowers grow and admire their beauty?

Remember what happened in Australia?

Bushfires destroyed the entire area. Millions of animals were burned alive. Flames swallowed entire eucalyptus forests.

Well, nature strikes back in the most beautiful way.

Most experts predicted that bushfires have destroyed the vegetation completely. But, there are photos of the area, and yes, we were more than excited to see all the green shoots.

“Notwithstanding climate change, we’re still seeing the ecosystems recover as we might expect they would,” Michael Doherty, a plant ecologist, explained. “Whether they’ll continue to recover, is more uncertain.”

Australian plants have used their defensive mechanism to survive the fires. These shoots restored our faith. Hopefully, these photos will reach every part of the world. There’s always hope for us all! Nature is taking care of itself even when we try to destroy it.