Man Builds Wife’s Chickens A Mini “Coop Town” And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

Do you have enough time for another DIY project? Of course you do. The coronavirus is still here and you can’t really go outside and waste the day with your friends. It’s time for you to get a little creative. This guy did, and the result was amazing.

If you like chicken, you will definitely find this article useful.

Colleen Thermos is a lucky woman because her husband built a cute chicken coop town. It looks like she likes chicken a lot. The little town has hotels, cafes, and a jailhouse. How amazing is that?

Colleen was taking care of a flock of chicken. Her birds didn’t have a coop, and she always wanted one. The lady and her chickens got their medieval-era mini coop in April, and she shared some really cool photos.

Well, her husband sure had plenty of free time during the lockdown.

The chicks get to enjoy their free time in a “saloon.” Their privacy is protected with curtains. Real curtains. There’s a lamp hanging outside for those who get wasted. Just kidding.

Look closely, and you will notice the detailed price list out front. “Locals” use eggs to pay their bills. Chickens have to pay an egg for every hour they get to enjoy. a 24/7 partying costs 6 eggs. A week of their services is worth 12 eggs.

There’s a haystack in the front, and you can see the workbenches and metal-working accessories at the blacksmith’s corner. The Livery Stables sure rock!

Let’s move to the plaza complex. They offer bed-and-breakfast, hotel, café, and mercantile. There are six apartments painted in green, yellow and blue.

What about the menacing jail smack? And the “WANTED” sign? There’s a chicken behind the bars! It’s the same chicken from the “wanted” sign.

Colleen’s photos went viral, and a lot of people praised her husband’s efforts. This really looks impressive.

Give your chickens the treatment they deserve and use your free time to make a coop. this one is really awesome, and you will have to use all your imagination to build it. well, the birds need a place to stay, right?