Meet Bowie, Simply The Coolest Rescue Kitty

Cats are elegant, witty, funny, and cute, all at the same time. Having a cat at home is a true blessing- they do so many goofy things that keep us laughing all day long, and they purr whenever we pet them or even enter the room.

Yet, not many of them can leave such a strong impression like the one named after the popular musician Bowie.

After being abandoned in 2018, Bowie the cat ended up in a Spanish veterinarian’s office, but soon, it found its permanent home.

Maria Lloret instantly fell in love with the unique cat with impressive green and blue eyes.

They were the reason why it was named after the eccentric artist in the first place, but at the same time, This attribute made Bowie an internet sensation as well.

The striking appearance of the handsome lad is complete with the fair coat, patched russet and black on his face, throat, and legs, and black and grey stripes on the tail.

Bowie upon arrival at his new home in Alicante, Spain

Bowie’s adoption was the beginning of countless adventures!

The cute, adventurous cat with a sweet and sassy personality is adorable in front of the camera, so Maria started posting photos online, and they garnered thousands of likes.

In December 2018, she created an Instagram account for her heterochromia pet, and it has gained over 30K followers since.

Maria is a self-professed “proud cat mum” and she flexes her professional photography skills on her “aggressive beast”. She also launched a blog dedicated to her playful feline, complete with Spanish and English translation.

Maria’s goal, as an advocate for animal adoption, is to spread happiness and awareness for the importance of this practice.

Maria wrote:

“Bowie The Cat keeps on growing and that is because cats have always been, and they will always be, trending topic. In a world like ours, the best smile is the one caused by the innocence of a cat.”

Here is why many claim that Bowie The Cat was born to be a cat star: