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People Just Keep Watching This Heartwarming Christmas Commercial Over and Over Again

It doesn’t get any more christmassy than this. We are at that time the year, and yes, we love all the excitement Christmas Day brings. All the family gathers in one place, and there’s so much food. Delicious food.

The whole thing starts with the first Christmas commercial on TV. It starts early in December, and decorating the Christmas tree is a fun activity for people at every age.

Christmas commercials are bright, joyful, and warm. Short videos remind us of true values in life, emphasizing the warmth of every home. Happy faces, happy places…

The Bouygues ad is probably one of the best holiday commercials you will ever see. It relies on the special bond between fathers and their children, and reminds us of the importance family and friends have in our life.

The ad is released by the French telecom brand. Smartphones aren’t represented as a gadget, and the ad paints them as tools that bring generations together.

Martin Werner signs the ad for BETC Paris. The tunes of Come Get Your Love by Redbone make it even more special.

The French Telecoms operator was impressed by the success of last year’s “An Unforgettable Christmas” and decided to release another warm family story.

“Father Christmas” is based on the story of a devoted dad who does his best to give his child a magical Christmas. It was launched on the 4th of November 2019.