Press These Points For Wherever You Have Pain – Every Body Part Is In The Palm Of Your Hand

A lot of people turn to alternative medicine all the time. They do that mostly because it’s safer and in order to avoid the side effect caused by medications. Let’s not forget the possible addiction. Alternative medicine is proven to give excellent results, which cannot be ignored.

There are experts who believe combining alternative medicine to modern therapies gives the best outcomes.

The Middle East is famous for alternative medicine. Especially since there are people there who relieve pain by simply pressing on some points of your body. According to them, several points on your palms are connected to some of your body parts or organs, and by pressing these points, the pain in those affected areas will disappear.

Reflexology is a specific acupressure method which is usually used on your hands or feet.

According to a licensed acupuncturist and reflexologist, Drake Ewing, the pressure used in reflexology alleviates the body’s physiological response.

He says: “The pressure applied during reflexology is meant to facilitate a physiological response in the body. Reflexology is a type of health care that has been used for thousands of years.”

There are over 7000 nerve endings in our feet, and with the help of reflexology, they are stimulated, relieving pain.

The first thing which needs to be done is locating the pressure points and their connection to your organs. Keep applying pressure to a point for five minutes, pause for three seconds, and do the same thing for five more minutes.

Do this twice a day, and the results will amaze you! Your body will perform as it should and you will lose the pain and discomfort.

The reflexology method:

  • Apply lotion or natural cream on your hands, to soften them
  • By using a reflexology chart, identify the points
  • Massage that area for 5 minutes
  • Make a 3-second-break
  • Massage for another 5 minutes. Press strongly
  • Move to the next point and follow the same instructions
  • After doing this, drink a lot of water and rest for half an hour

Reflexology helps a lot, and after trying it, many people who thought otherwise have changed their minds.

Just think of the fact that your cure won’t come as some syrup or pill, but a simple pressure!