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Quokkas Are The ‘World’s Happiest Animal’ And We Have The Proof

Have you ever seen a quokka? If no, now is the time to meet these cuties. Quokkas have the most gorgeous smile you will see in this world. If you need something to make your day, make sure you spend some time surrounded with these cute animals.

Quokkas live in Rottnest Island and Bald Island in Australia. They are rare yet popular. You don’t always see a smiling ball of fur.

These nocturnal cuties live up to 10 years. They are herbivorous and don’t run when you approach them.

Tourists enjoy taking photos with quokkas at Rottnest Island, and believe it or not, the local cuties imitate their faces.

Quokka selfies first became popular after Roger Federer took his.

The population of quokkas has declined as foxes and cats attack the tiny animals. They have vulnerable conservation status, and hurting a quokka can give you a fine of 300 Australian dollars.

Don’t get fooled by this cute smile. Quokkas have razor sharp teeth, so be careful when around these friends.

1. Free hugs

2. It’s nap time!

3. Hi!

4. Mom is taking me for a walk.

5. Let’s take a selfie!

6. Forehead kisses are the cutest!

7. Munching on some tasty leaves.

8. It’s super cute!

9. I’m so excited!

10. Veggie breakfast.

11. Soaking up the sun.

12. Healthy eating!

13. It’s so tiny!

14. Me and mommy!

15. The happiest smile.

16. Me and my friends.

17. Wink, wink!

18. Off to an adventure.

19. What’s that?

20. What are you eating?

21. It’s snack time!

22. Take a photo of me!

23. This is my baby!

24. Cute ball of fur.

25. Hello there, friend.

26. Beach is life!

27. Sniff, sniff.

28. This is my good side.

29. Love sunsets!

30. Food is life.