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The 20 Best Winter Bird Photos Ever

Nature provides us with an endless number of wonders. An excellent portrayal of nature’s originality, finesse and charm are the avian kingdom members.

One of the loveliest creatures are birds, with their rich display of colors, and their gift of composing songs.

There are a lot of myths about birds during winter, and some of them are:

  • Birds freeze to death on temperatures below zero
  • We should take birdhouses down in winter, since birds don’t use them
  • Hummingbirds migrate south
  • Birds always migrate in flocks

So, as we can see, birds aren’t afraid of the bad weather. If you see one during the winter, make sure you provide food for it, since they require extra fat to survive the weather.

Some birds stay throughout winter in order to keep their territory.

David Swanson, a psychologist at the University of South Dakota, says: “Big birds, like geese and grouse, do what we do, they put on insulation, which often involves growing an extra set of insulating downy feathers”

Chickadees are the toughest birds to survive winter. Some other birds you can see in winter are: red and white winged crossbills, northern goshawk, snow bunting, lapland longspur, ross’s and snow geese, bohemian waxwing, evening grosbeak, snowy owl, rosy-finches and hoary and common redpolls.

Here, we offer you a number of photos of birds enjoying the winter:

Birds enjoying each other’s company on a branch

Some snow-covered pine cones caught the attention of this white-breasted nuthatch

A common ringed plover takes pleasure in this snowy background

Parus major delighted by these red berries

Other berry-covered branches, this time with the presence of this mustard yellow bird

The snowstorm didn’t stop this red northern cardinal

Yellow and black tits chirping on a branch

A group of six birds perching on a branch

An exquisite female European stonechat

Two female and two male northern cardinals

Orange and blue kingfisher, spending some time in the snow

Red-crowned cranes flapping their wings

A black raven during a snowstorm

A green and blue bird sitting on an evergreen tree

A male bullfinch on a berry branch’

Beautiful silver-gray branches, enjoyed by this elegant male cardinal

A cerulean, roosting

A jay sitting on a snow-covered bush

A hoot owl on a birch tree

A snowy owl, blended in with the surroundings