The New “Beauty Trend” For 2020 – To Decorate Your Nails With Tiny Hands And Feet – Video

What’s the most awkward beauty trend in the world? Trends come and go, and most of them are hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. Remember the crazy hair dyes? Awkward nail designs?

Well, we have some more of these… Most of you would agree that this particular trend should disappear right away.

Are your nails done? You probably don’t have tiny hands and feet on your nails.

Social networks have become a platform for competition. People like to brag about their awkward nails. It’s always great when artists get creative and make unique designs, but putting hands and feet on someone’s nails is outrageous.

A video by @nail_sunny features probably the most hilarious nails you will ever see. This is nothing like the manicures you are used to.

This Russian nail artist crafts her nails into small hands and feet. Can you imagine that? It requires a lot of patience and hard work, and yes, it really is unconventional.

Fake nails are adhered to each nail, and then they are molded into the perfect shape. The artist paints each foot and hand in flesh color. Each foot gets a pedicure. It’s all about the details.

For most followers, the nail trend is weird and terrible.

“This is worse than the bug nails but I’m kind of into it,” one fan wrote.


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Feet nails ❤️ -yay or nay? Video by @edo_movs #nailsunnytutorial

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“Really wish I wouldn’t have been eating/licking my finger when I decided to watch this,” another added.

“This isn’t a beauty trend — this is to see how social media influences & how people are foolish enough to believe it and go out & do it themselves.”

Well, we don’t really know if you’d like to see these feet and hand on your hand. What’s the next trend? There are so many ideas, and artists are crazy enough to pull out the next awful trend.