There’s A Mystical Forest In Belgium All Carpeted With Bluebell Flowers

What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen in nature so far? For us, it’s the deep Hallerbos in Belgium. It’s the most charming and magical forest you’ve ever seen. Nature always finds a way to impress us, and this forest is more beautiful than any other forest we’ve seen in our lives.

Also known as The Blue Forest, Hallerbos has attracted the attention of many artists worldwide. Photographers captured the most beautiful corners of this hidden beauty. Fancy a good fairytale? Enjoy these pics and book your flight to Belgium!

The Blue Forest is not far from Brussels. It’s worth the effort and the money you will spend to get there.

The most beautiful part of this forest? Its blue carpet. Hallerbos is covered with blue and violet flowers known as Bluebells. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery in every part of the year.

However, Bluebells bloom in spring and early summer. The Blue Forest is the most beautiful place on planet Earth during this period.

Hallerbos is an old forest. The area had been covered with trees for three centuries or even more.

Fog makes it even more beautiful. It adds a mysterious note to the place.

Go to the Hallerbos website to learn more about the magical forest. They explain that the forest is “the most important and most extensive forest area between Zenne and Zoniën.”

“The giant Sequoia trees also make a visit to this forest more than worth it,” the website reads.

Mother Nature has the greatest surprises hidden deep inside it. You can just pick a site and visit it. Hallerbos is definitely on our bucket list, and we will visit it one day, preferably around mid-April. If you go there, don’t forget to bring your camera with you. You don’t want to miss all this beauty, right?