These Stunningly Rare ‘Skeleton Flowers’ Turn Transparent When It Rains

Do you feel down? Are you unhappy? Go outside and soak up the sun. let the sun kiss your skin and smell those beautiful flowers. Nature is the best therapist, and it always finds a way to lift up your spirits.

Go for a walk. Relax your mind. Ignore your current problem for a bit. Nature will heal your body and soul. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and pleasant scents.

What’s your favorite flower? Do you have a favorite plant? You will definitely fall in love with these skeleton flowers.

There’s something magical about these plants. The gorgeous blossoms become translucent when it rains, and their structure resembles a skeleton.

Diphylleia grayi grow in China, Japan, and the Appalachian Mountains. That’s all. They like humidity and cold weather. Experts have recognized three species: Diphylleia cymosa in the Appalachians, Diphylleia Sinensis in Japan and Diphylleia grayi in China.

Some like to call them “umbrella plants.” They make clumps of big, green leaves that make us think of umbrellas. The delicate cotton white petals gather around green and yellow centers.

On a rainy day, tiny drops stick to the veiny structure and fill up the lattices, providing an increased light reflection. That’s how the blossom becomes translucent.

The color returns once the flower dries completely. After the pollination in early autumn, the red seed stalks are covered with clusters of bright blue berries.

Plant umbrella flowers in your garden if you live in cool areas. They like partial or complete shade and don’t need too much care. It’s a perennial plant and it prefers well-drained, moist soil packed with organic matter.

You can layer the plants beneath medium or large trees. Fallen leaves will make the soil even richer, giving your flowers all the nutrients they need.

Add mulch in winter and don’t water them that often. In the last days of winter, remove dead leaves and add organic fertilizer.

This is what magic looks like, and we are definitely planting these! A lot of Twitter users say the umbrella flower is “too pretty.” Some say it looks “like something from a fairytale.”