These Transparent Solar Panels Will Turn Windows Into Green Energy Collectors

Solar power was discovered 60 years ago, in order to save energy. We all know that solar panels use sunlight to provide energy and get electricity. While technology advances, the improvement of solar energy keeps on having thrilling new results.

Entirely transparent solar panels were developed by the Michigan State University. This breakthrough can be used in architecture, automotive industry, or mobile electronics. Solar power provides cheap, effective and clean energy which helps in saving the environment.

This wasn’t the first attempt to make these panels; however, this is the first successful one. Researchers developed this TLSC (transparent luminescent solar concentrator), which can be put on a clear surface, for example, a window.

It uses organic molecules which absorb light wavelengths, like ultraviolet light or infrared. It won’t affect the transmittance of light, and it will collect solar energy.

An MSU’s College of Engineering professor says that these materials can be adjusted to only take the ultraviolet and the near infrared wavelengths that shine at different wavelength in the infrared. This light is moved to the contour of the panel. There, it is turned into electricity.

These devices could be most successful in buildings’ facades. It is estimated that they can supply 40% of the US energy. This will symbolize an extremely more powerful technology.

As per the New York Times, if the cells last longer, it will be cheap to put them into windows. Additionally, if these panels turn up to be practical, their power can undoubtedly balance the energy of big buildings. It won’t be able to power the whole building; however, it will be enough for powering and lighting everyday electronics.

This doesn’t stop here – solar technology has much more to offer. The future is clear.