This DIY Backyard Pergola With Swings And Fire Pit Is The Perfect Piece For Friends And Family

Do you like spending your nights in your garden? There’s nothing better than watching the open sky. It’s time to upgrade the game and turn your yard into something beautiful. Plan your space perfectly and enjoy your summer to the max.

Farm blogger and Instagrammer Lauren Ashworth has an idea for you. You will definitely love their invention.

Lauren can brag with the best fire pit pergola. She has swings around it, and her followers went crazy. She shared some cool picks, and we love her pergola! We want one!

A lot of people tried to replicate the pergola. Would you try anything like this?

Lauren and her husband Brett made the pergola. Yes, she provided some handy instructions. Go to Remodelaholic and enjoy!

“Brett is a career Firefighter and is the overall facilitator and muscle behind all-things-reno at the farm. I work part-time and devote the rest of my time as a SAHM to our precious son, homemaking and cultivating our farmhouse dreams.

We have a passion for restoration and we’re eager to see our property transform. You can join us over on our blog as we embark on the ultimate DIY: Our 100 year old farmhouse!

It is truly an outdoor oasis and an area we created for the sole purpose of bringing our family and friends together. It’s a conversation piece around our small town and we love making s’mores, star-gazing, and relaxing here at the end of the day.”

Call your friends and ask them for some help. You will also need to invest in your pergola. Not too much, though. Do you have the skills to make anything like this? Grab your tools and get dirty!

Lauren and Brett spent $2,300 to build the pergola. They needed $1,300 for materials, $600 for the swings and $300 for six Adirondack Chairs. Oh, yes, the outdoor string lights cost $75. They finished it in two weeks.

Combine the material and make the swings from your dreams.

Buy a wide frame ($125) and stretch fabric screen to project movies. A real paradise for the movie lovers out there.

Here’s how to make your own backyard pergola: