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This Is Why Having A Close Relationship To Your Grandchildren Is A Good Thing

Did you have an opportunity to grow alongside your grandparents? They are one of the very few people to offer you support, friendship, kindness and a lot of love. They have all the time in this world for you.

Grandparents are just like your parents, without all the rules and restrictions.

According to researchers, understanding family history makes kids more resilient and gives them the power to control their lives. Children enjoy all the stories grandparents have for them. They help us understand tradition, and always bring positivity in our lives.

Susan Bosak wrote “How to Build the Grandma Connection” to help people understand this connection.

“Children who have strong ties with involved caring grandparents develop higher self-esteem, better emotional and social skills including an ability to withstand peer pressure, and enhanced academic performance.”

Your grandma will teach you how to cook and sew. You will learn a lot about gardening and households.

That’s what makes your childhood so special. Your grandparents will give you the best memories. They are here to give you support of every kind, regardless of whether it’s emotional or financial.

A study conducted by Evolution and Human Behavior confirmed that kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from this relationship. Grandparents who step in as babysitters live a lot longer than those who enjoy their loneliness.

“Grandchildren are my reward for having children,” a grandparent said.

This connection improves kid’s physical health and helps them develop better language skills. They learn about moral values.

Kids show less bias towards grandparents and this keeps them away from discrimination. They also develop higher emotional intelligence quotient and become more social.

Spend more time with your grandparents to reduce your risk of depression later in life.

A group of researchers at the University of Oxford confirmed that these children deal with less emotional and behavioral issues. They know how to “handle” trauma, and learn from their bad childhood experiences.

Sara Moorman, Sociology Assistant Professor, studied the emotional relationship between grandparents and adult grandchildren. According to her, both parties benefit this relationship.

“We found that an emotionally close grandparent-adult grandchild relationship was associated with fewer symptoms of depression for both generations. Grandparents and adult grandchildren can be real resources to each other.”

Grandparents will teach you a lot of things about life. They will improve your attitude and help you solve almost every problem in your life. Build a strong relationship with your grandparents, and enjoy all the benefits it provides.

Your grandparents will be more than thrilled. Give them the joy they deserve, and enjoy all the great stories that lie deep inside their soul.