This Rare Rose Has Both Red And White Petals And It’ll Light Up Your Garden

Roses are beautiful and magical. There are so many beautiful flowers out there, but roses have a special beauty. The soft scent only adds to their beauty. Roses make us think of love. We give roses to the people will love and respect. A bouquet of fresh roses is always a good idea.

There are 150 species of roses, and they come in different sizes and colors. Roses symbolize joy, love, romance, passion, pride, purity, guilt, admiration, innocence, sadness, mourning, humility, and friendship.

Hybrids are even prettier than “regular” roses. Have you ever seen an Osiria rose?

It’s a type of tea rose and it was first created in 1978. Korders Roses, a German rose production and distribution company, signed the creation of the red-and-white rose. Willemse France introduced it to the world as Osiria.

Osiria is a combination of Snowfire and a mysterious seedling. The company wouldn’t reveal the name of the second plant to protect the creation.

Some people call them Korsir rose and red blend Hybrid Tea rose. We have a collection of photos of these beauties and they went viral!

“Osiria is not a scam; she does exist but the blooms she produces will typically be different than those shown on the internet which makes the heartbeat a bit faster,” Floral photographer Stan V. Griep of the American Rose Society said.

“I doubt that you will find Osiria on any map or any Biblical or historical mention of her as, again, like Atlantis, she was a theoretical empire. Just as some of the enhanced photos of her, the lore behind the name is enticing.”

Growing these may be a challenge for you, but you will love every bit of this adventure. Experienced gardeners won’t have a trouble growing Osiria roses.

The Nostalgie rose and Gemini rose are also a good option. You’d love their dual white and red coloration. It’s time to turn your garden into a heaven on Earth. Don’t forget to plant strawberry blond sunflowers, too! Make your garden vivid and colorful.


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