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TikTok Is A Pedophile Magnet And UnSafe For Kids, Warns Cyber Security

What’s your way of checking out your children’s online activities? The world has gone terribly wrong, and our children are no longer safe “out there.” Many people use the Internet to cheat on their partners or to do some sort of a crime.

Sadly, pedophiles have access to social media. How can we protect our children from these predators? While most applications were created to ease our communication, pedophiles use them to harass children.

According to Susan McLean, our children should in no way use the Chinese application TikTok. There’s something wrong with the security of this application.

McLean, former Victorian police cyber safety specialist, explained that, “TikTok is not a safe app and there are many concerns, not the least bullying and grooming by predators.”

TikTok is really popular these days, and over 800 million people use it worldwide. Over 80 million US citizens have downloaded it. It’s pretty similar to Snapchat, and users can post videos. Believe it or not, you can share these videos now.

Users should be 13+, and it’s video dependent. Yes, children really like it. So do pedophiles.

Experts have criticized the application as most users aren’t even close to the age required to use it.

There are many “security blind spots.” Yes, TikTok brings a lot of profit, but owners can’t earn money while putting children’s life in danger. If a minor has a private account, TikTok doesn’t guarantee their security.

They admit that “even with a private account, profile information – including profile photo, username, and bio – will be visible to all users.”

An investigation conducted in the UK found that the use of this application has led to a lot of issues. They have found cases of bullying, pedophilia and sharing explicit messages.

“TikTok does not have the same safety sessions as some of the more well-known apps and routinely do not remove accounts that have been flagged as potentially a predator,” McLean explained.

“Pedophiles like to watch kids sing and dance so they can take the videos and share them. The data gathering is a huge concern and if the government is worried then it is not a place for kids.

“Both the US and Australian governments have told serving soldiers that they are not to use it because of security fears. TikTok also received the biggest fine in US history for gathering data on kids and selling it.”

TikTok’s spokesperson has the perfect excuse for the privacy policy.

“TikTok is an app for users age 13 and over, and we’ve given the app a 12+ App Store rating so parents can simply block it from their child’s phone using device-based controls. In our Safety Centre, we offer a library of educational resources for teens and their families, including safety educational videos and a safety blog series.

“As one of many apps with teenage users, we encourage parents to monitor their teenager’s accounts, review and adjust their privacy settings, help them report any inappropriate behavior, and have an open dialogue with their teenagers about how to be responsible and safe in all online activity.”

The only thing you can do as a parent is pay more attention to your kids’ online activity. Do this before it’s too late. No one guarantees for your child’s safety. It’s up to you to make a chance and protect your child.