Very Few People Can Solve This Math Problem Without Using A Calculator

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay home. Some of us tried new recipes and others tried some fun DIY projects. Well, reading a good book is a regular activity, and yes, Netflix was a must. Did you become a gardener? Yes? Me, too.

Interestingly, there are still people who have plenty of free time to do Math. Most of us did the impossible to avoid it at school. Truth is, Math is really important and it can actually “save us” in real situations.

Math is like a good exercise for the brain. It boosts your problem-solving skills and helps you control your home budget without any problem. In other words, you need Math for almost everything.

Math brain teasers are a real challenge. They rely on logic, and yes, they are the perfect way to test your mental mettle. Do a few of these to give your brain the workout it needs. A little Math never hurt somebody, remember? Your mind will be sharp and clear.

We have a nice suggestion for you, and we challenge you to solve this Math problem without a calculator.

No cheating!

Are you done? Here’s the solution.


If you failed to find the right solution, don’t panic. Most people had incorrect answer.

The rules of basic math should help you with this one. There’s also a specific order of operations. Equations are never easy, but you’d enjoy every bit of them.

Remember BEDMAS? This acronym should be of great help.

B – brackets

E – exponents

D – division

M – multiplication

A – addition

S – subtraction

In some parts of the world, students call it PEMDAS or BODMAS.

Now is the real time to finish the equation using this:

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