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We Are All Connected

We all stick to different values and beliefs. We all chase different dreams and survive different struggles. Your ambition has nothing to do with my goal, and the same applies to the other way around.

Have you ever heard some saying they are “old souls”?

If yes, you should know that old souls relate to the following problems.

1. They can’t fit in and get used to the idea of being an outcast. Old souls are so rare and they feel as if they live in isolation. They value different principles and admire different values.

2. Old soils are mentally and emotionally drained. They have to survive existential crises over and over again. They need to learn how to start loving themselves and appreciate all the things they’ve achieved in life.

3. Most people can’t understand an old soul. Sometimes they are categorized as nonconformists or oddballs. People use words like “age freak,” “anarchist” and “hippy” to describe an old soul. Awkward.

4. Old souls avoid trivial conversations. Small talks aren’t their thing. Most people can’t understand a word they say. Although old souls are great communicators with excellent verbal skills, their words are hard to understand. That’s what most people say.

5. Old souls are activists and volunteers who try to make the world a better place to live in. they tend to join different organizations throughout their life. They prioritize the world and our well-being. Respect that. The “age freak” you just insulted was actually trying to help someone in need.

6. Dating is quite a challenge for old souls. They have a hard time finding someone who sees things as they do. Finding a soulmate is almost impossible for old souls. They’d never lower their standards. You’d never attract their attitude with shallow flirting or empty words. Remember this.

Old souls are rare to find. If you have one of these guys in your life, be grateful for their presence and everything they can teach you.