What Did You See First? Let’s See What It Says About Your Unique Personality Traits

Your perception says a lot about yourself. Our perception changes overtime as a result of numerous factors. We see so many things in our life, and all these experiences change us completely.

Have you ever thought of the power of the subconscious mind? This has been a topic of interest for many psychologists. Subconscious is still wrapped in mystery. One thing stands for sure. Our deep desires, thoughts and dreams build our subconscious.

Here’s an intriguing photo. What did you see first?

1. Trees

If the trees were the first thing you saw in this photo, you are an extrovert who is always kind to others. You are a polite person with limits. You will never ever tolerate mocking and you don’t like people who push you around.

Many perceive you as a sensitive person who feels for other people. But, some people don’t believe that you care about them. Truth is, you take other people seriously and their opinion matters to you.

You spend a lot of time surrounded by a lot of people. However, not everyone is your friend. You rely on your intuition and you always show your emotions. But, you do have trust issues with people. That’s why some people see you as a mysterious person. You welcome new ideas and you always try to make your plans work.

2. Roots

Introverts will see roots in this pick. They acknowledge their mistakes and don’t have a problem with people who criticize them. Of course, this applies to constructive criticism. You leave a wrong first impression, but people change their minds after knowing you better. They are impressed with your personality and wisdom.

You are not afraid of your tasks and you finish everything on time. In life, you follow your morals and principles. You know your destination. It’s really important to know what you want in life.

People like your independent nature. You are a responsible person who tries to do better in life. However, your low self-esteem may be a problem at some point. Your best friends will always be there for you to remind you of your greatness.

3. Lips

Many would say that you are simple and quiet. You are flexible and the average doesn’t bother you.

You are both wise and naïve. Your intentions are good and you have nothing but good thoughts in life. Unfortunately, some people perceive you as a weak person who needs help. This is absolutely wrong. You can handle every problem in life.

You try to avoid complicated relationships and your life is based on honesty. A lot of people come to you for an advice, because they respect your opinion.