You Can Buy A 215-Piece Clear Puzzle That Looks Like Shattered Glass

Have you ever seen a jigsaw puzzle? It’s the perfect way to keep yourself occupied. There are so many types and they are all beautiful.

There are puzzles with 51,300 pieces, clear puzzles, and puzzles made of shattered glass.

Yes, you read that right. Can you imagine picking up shattered glass? That’s how we feel when making these.

YellDesign signs the design, and their product looks really great. Well, it’ not really glass, don’t worry.

“The Accident” is 23-inch by 21-inch and it has 215 unique pieces. Imagine throwing a rock at a glass window. That’s how this puzzle looks like. Yes, “The Accident” is designed by hand.

At first, you won’t have any trouble bringing the pieces together. Things get really complicated after a few minutes.

You can buy the broken-glass puzzle for $58. It’s time to upgrade your quarantine game.

YellDesign has other interesting products, and it’s up to you to decide what works best for you. “The Virus” and “The Fish Tank” are nice options to consider.