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You Can Now Buy A Wind Turbine That Can Power Your Entire Home For A Lifetime – And It Cost Like An Iphone

Our planet is crying for help, and we keep ignoring it! Climate changes should be the top priority, since we are facing environmental crisis! We’ve reached a point of no return.

India is the 6th largest energy consumer in the world. That’s why the government faces some problems in providing energy for the growing population. So, an Indian startup company decided to do something about this!

The company’s name is Avant Garde Innovations, and it was founded in 2015 by two brothers from Kerala – Arun and Anoop George. The brothers say the company has a “green” heart and soul.

The brothers designed an inexpensive wind turbine, for agriculture, commercial, rural and residential conditions. It can be able to power our home, office or farm. The price is the same as the one of a smartphone!

The wind turbine – “AVATAR™ – I“ supplies clean energy for every citizen in this world.

The goal of the company is to, as they say “eliminate energy poverty, reduce dependence on struggling state power grids and create energy self-sufficiency for all the needy ones through distributed, localized and affordable renewable energy. In doing so, we believe we can collectively usher in our world a cleaner environment, new economic prosperity, and social change.”

The brothers think that all of us have the right to clean energy. The turbine can power an entire house for a lifetime. It can release 1-5 kilowatts of power a day, which is enough for one home.

The pilot project was launched at a church in Thiruvananthapuram, in January 2016. The price of this is $899 and it can be delivered worldwide, for some extra cost.

The George brothers are now establishing a global network of distribution across E.U., Australia, U.S, Africa and the Middle East. Arun states that after a few alterations, it can also be turned into an automobile.

This innovation has climbed into the Top 20 Cleantech Innovations in India, Top 20 innovations at UN Innovations Summit 2019, and Kazakhstan’s Top 100 Global Startups of the world.

India ranks 4th I the world with installed wind power efficiency, as reported by the Global Wind Energy Council.

We have to protect our world, and this is a great step towards achieving that! What we can all do is: use electric cars, track our energy use, or install solar panels on our roofs. Every little detail counts!