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You Realize How Isolated You Have Been

Some people really like to spend their days alone. COVID-19 has forced people to stay in their homes, and introverts are happy. This loneliness works really well for some people. Not everyone understands that.

These people are considered anti-social, reserved and even awkward. Modern society is too focused on extroverts.

Everything revolves around extroverts. A lot of people move in crowds, and soak energy from other people. Some employees believe that teamwork is the fastest way to success.

Why do we keep undermining the power of solitude? Being alone has nothing to do with being lonely. Solitude is one of the greatest powers one can have. You can use it to motivate yourself and become a better person. Spending some time alone can give you unlimited power.

Loners are amazing and unique. They are creative and enjoy their time alone.

Isolation is good for you. Wonder why?

– Spending your time alone gives you confidence and reminds you of you greatness

– Isolation makes you independent

– Stay away from others and turn off your gadgets. Stay away from distractions and enjoy your “me time.”

– Isolation neutralizes stress and relaxes your body and mind. You will have plenty of time to focus on yourself and your needs.

– Spend some time alone to improve your concentration and productivity. It’s time to turn your dreams into reality.

– Being alone gives you an opportunity to focus on yourself without being overwhelmed by so many stimuli.

Matthew Bowker is a psychoanalytic political theorist at Medaille College. He has worked on solitude and it’s power. According to him, it is “more devalued than it has been in a long time.”

“It’s a deeper internal process,” Matthew said. “It might take a little bit of work before it turns into a pleasant experience. But once it does it becomes maybe the most important relationship anybody ever has, the relationship you have with yourself.”